Kogan Mini Dehumidifier 2L


This uses a Peltier cooler which means it's low power, and should be quieter (no compressor sounds) and longer lasting (no moving parts). However, the fan is a little noisy, particularly in high speed mode, and might wear out if the bearings are crap, we'll see. It's performance matches its specs pretty much exactly, and for the price it's great.

The 2L tank is a good size for the 600ml/day performance, and means I only need to empty it every 3 days (assuming it's warm and humid enough to hit that performance). I found water pools a little at the tank top before it drains in, so if you tip/knock it a little water can spill out, particularly when taking the tank out to empty it. A quick tap first fixes that. The 52db fan sound is a bit noisy, but it's much better in low-speed mode and tolerable for sleeping through in a bedroom. The air draws in the back and vents out the sides, which means it might recirculate air if not placed with enough clearance. Drawing 75W for that level of performance is not bad.

You need to make sure your expectations match it's specs; 600ml/day is not going to magically dry out your living-room. It will help a bedroom or bathroom, or fix a cupboard better than chemical moisture absorbers, but it's not going to match things like the 220W 10L/day AroDry?-P10, or 200W 12L/day DeLonghi? CF05M I also have (the DeLonghi? in particular is a beast, and I have to empty it's 6L tank twice a day). This type works best in hot environments, so it will not work as well if it's cold (use a desiccant type for that).

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