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WhyABO -- an explantion of why I use "abo" as my username.

My Google+ -- My very tiny foray into social networks.

My Projects -- The working directories for my software projects.

DeviceReviews - reviews if various devices I've had.

DonovanBaardaTrades -- my misc old stuff for sale or free.

ThresholdsAndLimitsAreBad -- a general rant about why using arbitrary limits and thresholds in anything is bad, and why you should use continuous functions instead.

AustralianTaxationSystem -- a rant about how stupid the Australian tax and welfare systems are, and suggestions of how to fix it.

RealisticFatigue -- Random info on an Oblivion mod I'm working on.

HumanStaminaModel -- A stamina model for games that came out of the RealisticFatigue work/research.

BwQuotaShaper -- A bandwidth quota shaper to dynamically shape traffic for a monthly quota.

LightLdapd - A tiny LDAP server that just serves /etc/passwd for routers.

LightWebd? - A tiny webserver and proxy cache for routers.

DecayingLFUCacheExpiry - An idea for cache expiry using a Decaying Least Frequently Used algorithm.

PartialKBloomFilter - Ideas for optimizing bloom filters with a non-integer number of "k" hash functions.

BCacheImprovements - Ideas for improving Linux's bcache SSD cache for HDDs?.

LibrsyncRollsumAnalysis - Thoughts on weaknesses and ways to improve the librsync rollsum.

RollsumChunking - Thoughts on using rollsums for chunking.

VirtualReality - Various random ideas for VR.

DigitalCurrency - Does the world really need a crypto currency?

BatteryStorageDensity - Some random stuff about battery storage density.

ComputersShitMe -- misc rants triggered by computer frustration incidents that will hopefully include solutions when they are found.

AboriginalCulture -- Thoughts on the importance of Aboriginal Language and Culture.

TheIntervention -- The ongoing attempts to destroy Aboriginal Culture and Communities.

DeathsInCustody -- The ongoing killing of Australian Aboriginal People.

YuparliVsMothVine -- The amazing similarity between an Australian bushtucker Bush Banana and a South American poisonoun weed.

DevJournal -- Dump of random problems encountered doing software development.

TipsAndTricks -- Random things that fix computer problems.

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