MinkirriSite has a SpamFilter service using SpamAssassin. By default, everyones email is filtered by spam-assassin, and all spam is automaticly redirected into an IMAP folder called "Spam". This folder will be visible from any IMAP email client, including WebMail. See the EmailHowto for information on configuring other email programs to use IMAP.

If you really must, this service can be configured and tweaked using the UserConfig interface. To configure it do the following;

  1. go to the WebMin login page
  2. login using your username and password
  3. Select Mail from the toolbar.
  4. Select SpamAssassin Mail Filter from the available icons.
  5. DO NOT Select "Procmail Spam Delivery" from the available icons. This is already done by default on MinkirriSite.
  6. Tweak your other SpamAssassin settings, if you dare. The SpamAssassin tweaking options available via UserConfig are a bit too complicated for me. Leave them at the defaults unless you know what you are doing.

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