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Here is a quick list of some of the useful MinkirriSite links.

Note lots of these are no longer active or relevant since MinkirriSite is no longer a dialin service.

User Services

Admin Services

  • Webmin (using WebMin) :- web based system administration tool (root access only).
  • Zope manager :- the Zope ZMI interface (administrator access only)
  • Polipo manager :- the Polipo cache manager interface (local access only)
  • CUPS manager :- The Common Unix Printing System manager interface (local access only)
  • SWAT manager :- The Samba Windows Domain Controller manager interface (local access only)
  • DebianMirror? (using AptProxy?) :- local dynamic Debian apt-get repository.
  • DHCPServer? (using DnsMasq?) :- automatic host configuration.
  • DNSServer? (using DnsMasq?) :- a caching DNS server.
  • Netgear AP :- Wireless access point management interface.

more to come.