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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about minkirri. Feel free to add your own questions and I will answer them when I can.

  1. What is minkirri?

    Minkirri is a Public Access Site connected to the APANA Melbourne Region. It offers accounts and 33.6K or ISDN dialup Internet connections to APANA members.

  2. What kind of name is "minkirri"?

    Minkirri is a Warlpirri word for "ant-hill". Warlpirri is a Central-Australian Aboriginal language. DonovanBaarda, one of the founders of the MinkirriSite, grew up in Central-Australia and learned Warlpirri as a child.

  3. Who runs the MinkirriSite?

    DonovanBaarda and TonyGrimes set up and administer the MinkirriSite.

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