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This is the front page of ZWiki's "basic" wiki template, a small set of starter pages for your wiki. Edit this page and replace it with something appropriate. Consider linking your site at ZWiki:ZwikiSites.

Here is the HelpPage?.

You'll find additional Zwiki documentation and help at http://zwiki.org . Don't forget to check the release notes and known issues.

Other things you may want to configure:

  • Permissions
    You normally configure permissions in the wiki folder's Security tab in the ZMI. ZWiki:FAQs has a list.
  • Mail out (subscription)
    To mail out comments, use the ZMI to add a mail_replyto string property on the folder with a valid email address. Also add a MailHost object if you don't already have one. Reload this page and the subscribe link should appear.
  • Mail in
    So that users will be able to reply to comments by mail - see ZWiki:WikiMail.
  • External (client-side) editing

Install ZWiki:ExternalEditor on server and client as described on that page. EE's pencil icon should appear and clicking it should open pages for editing in your preferred editor.

  • A bug tracker
    A simple issue tracker integrated with the wiki. See ZWiki:HowToInstallAZwikiTracker
  • DTML
    If you want to enable live DTML code in pages, add a true allow_dtml boolean property on the folder. This makes your server much more vulnerable to abuse, you should be aware of the ZWiki:ZwikiSecurity implications.

Enjoy your wiki!


ZAP --ZAP, Fri, 28 Apr 2023 19:10:57 +1000 reply