Donovan Baarda's Projects

This directory contains links to the working directories of most of my
projects. Note that these are actual working directorys, so they can
contain any rubbish created and deleted during development. If you
want the proper releases, get them from the relevant ftp location.

I attempt to mantain the following conventions in these working
directories, at least for recent projects. This convention is a quick
attempt to provide public visibility of development and history of my
projects, or at least the bits that are not recorded elsewhere. Any
better solutions, recomendations are welcome.

Each project has an "arc" link to the official ftp archive releases.
This contains the official releases of the project in tar.bz2

Each project has a "swf" (Software Working File) directory that
contains development notes not included as part of the official
release. Where possible I try to include a diary.

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions, critisisms, etc.

Donovan Baarda <>

Index of /~abo/projects/

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
../ -  Directory
BwQuotaShaper/2019-Aug-30 01:42:07-  Directory
DLFUCache/2023-Feb-05 01:38:41-  Directory
GCache/2004-Oct-28 15:46:02-  Directory
SCMTests/2016-Aug-22 11:06:17-  Directory
VariableDensityGyroid/2023-Dec-18 00:05:45-  Directory
aeiou/2022-Jan-03 15:24:33-  Directory
annex/2004-Nov-15 11:10:22-  Directory
cygwin-utils/2004-Feb-05 23:52:38-  Directory
fglrx/2007-Sep-06 01:57:07-  Directory
fglrx-modules/2007-Sep-06 01:57:07-  Directory
freevo/2007-Mar-25 09:18:48-  Directory
gr3d/2000-Jan-06 09:22:33-  Directory
headtrack/2020-May-15 09:44:06-  Directory
hgfs/2011-Oct-28 14:32:24-  Directory
install/1998-Jun-22 20:09:10-  Directory
jed-utils/2005-Aug-24 15:47:15-  Directory
ldap-auth/2003-May-21 09:58:50-  Directory
libmd/2005-Feb-14 11:18:19-  Directory
librsync/2021-Sep-03 15:17:13-  Directory
medusa/2002-Mar-28 15:03:00-  Directory
mirrord/2005-Mar-01 14:10:18-  Directory
mirrors/2003-Apr-10 19:28:42-  Directory
misc/2020-Jul-03 12:59:37-  Directory
mnv-admin/2005-May-07 17:28:17-  Directory
oblivion/2014-Jan-28 02:55:20-  Directory
osVFS/2002-Mar-20 15:45:05-  Directory
pic-lib/2016-May-20 14:21:01-  Directory
polipo/2012-Mar-15 16:47:53-  Directory
prjdocs/2024-Apr-24 00:02:09-  Directory
pybackup/2003-Sep-18 13:43:05-  Directory
pymisc/2022-Jul-22 21:23:46-  Directory
pyproxy/2006-Nov-18 12:49:04-  Directory
pyrcs/2005-Jan-27 16:22:59-  Directory
pyredir/2016-Jan-17 15:52:07-  Directory
pysync/2020-May-15 09:44:06-  Directory
python-central/2002-Dec-20 23:12:15-  Directory
pyttymon/2003-May-16 09:32:07-  Directory
rrdcollect/2024-May-18 00:28:25-  Directory
shares/1997-Apr-30 08:06:53-  Directory
squid/2004-Mar-23 12:37:34-  Directory
symbmath/1997-Apr-30 08:06:55-  Directory
template/1997-Apr-30 14:16:57-  Directory
timeoutd/2004-Mar-23 12:37:34-  Directory
utils/2022-Oct-08 01:31:35-  Directory
wilr/2003-Oct-18 17:16:04-  Directory
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