What is this ?

This site is a wiki - a kind of editable website that is easy and efficient for one or many users to update. Here is more about wikis.

Zwiki is the software running this wiki site. It's pretty easy to use, but the following quick overview may be helpful. If you need more, please see the User's Guide and other documentation at

Getting around a zwiki

Zwiki's user interface comes in two main flavours: standard and (when running inside a Plone site) plone. Try hovering your mouse pointer over user interface elements to see useful tooltips. Standard navigation links are usually available, such as:

  • home goes to the wiki's front page
  • changes lists recently changed pages
  • options lets you set a username (may be required for editing.)

Pages in a wiki have unique names and can easily link to each other. To see which wiki pages link to this one, click the large page title. Zwiki keeps pages in a loose hierarchy, like an outline. When a page has subtopics, these are linked just below the main text. contents shows the full page hierarchy.

Making changes

If the site administrator has allowed it, you can: create, edit, comment, rename, reparent, and delete pages, and upload files and images. Public zwikis often require that you set a username in "options" before you can edit. Tips:

Interacting by email

subscribe, when available, lets you subscribe to one or more pages, or the whole wiki, to receive email notifications. You can receive just comments and new pages, or all edits.

Some zwikis also allow subscribers to post comments and create pages by sending email. Just reply to a mail from the wiki, or send a new mail to the wiki's mail-in address. Your mail will go to the page named in brackets in the subject (or to a default page).

Keyboard shortcuts

Many actions may also be triggered via keyboard shortcuts. Just hold down CONTROL or ALT and press one of the access keys below. (If it doesn't work, check the browser-specific instructions.)

wiki navigation

f   go to front page
c   show wiki contents
r   show wiki recent changes
t   show issue tracker
i   show wiki index
o   show user options
h   show wiki help
0   (zero) show these access keys

within a Plone site

-   use the zwiki skin
+   use the plone skin

page actions

n   go to next page
p   go to previous page
u   go up to parent page
b   show backlinks (what links here)
m   show mail subscription status
e   edit this page
x   edit with an external editor
d   show edit diffs
y   show full edit history
v   return to main page view

when editing a page

s   save changes
w   preview changes without saving

when viewing edit diffs

<   show previous diff, if any
>   show next diff, if any